Good Chance to Perform Umrah in Kaaba So Don’t Miss It

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http://hajjumrah-package.blogspot.com — Those, who did not decide to go and visit the Holy Kaaba or to perform Umrah and hajj, now they have a big chance to see these beautiful places as the Alnoor agency is providing cheap Umrah packages to the people all around the world especially people living in London.

Wali – The Custodian

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http://hajjumrahpackage.edublogs.org — Wali is an Arabic word and the meaning of this word is “custodian”, “helper”, “protector” etc. The Plural word which is used for “Wali” is “Awliya”. Wali is someone who has Wilayah (guardianship or authority) over somebody else. In fiqh, a father is wali of his children especially for his daughters in marriage, it is an example.

What is Ayah and its Importance

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https://hujjumrahpackage.wordpress.com — Ayah is an Arabic word and the meaning of this word is “Verse” in the context of Islam’s principal scared writing, which is used in the Holy Quran. While other meanings of the word ‘Ayah’ are ‘evidence’ or ‘sign’.

What was the story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) and Zulaikha

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http://hajjumrahuk.livejournal.com — Hazrat Yusuf (AS) was the prophet of Allah Almighty. He was the son of Prophet Yaqub (AS). The brothers of Prophet Yusuf (AS) were too much disloyal with him, because, he was very close to the heart of their father (Prophet Yaqub (AS)). They throw their brother (Prophet Yusuf (AS)) into the well.

As Salam u Alaikum – The Peace Be Upon You

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https://umrahinfolinks.wordpress.com — AlaikumWaRahmatullahiWaBarakaatuhu” it is an Arabic greeting which majority of Muslims uses while meeting others. It translates in to English language as “The Peace Be Upon You”, (May Allah Almighty’s peace, mercy and blessing to be upon you) however is often used as a parting and greeting and is believed to be the equal to “hello”, “good day” or “hi” as a greeting and “farewell” and “goodbye” as

Cheap Umrah Packages 2016 – Alnoor Travel

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http://www.alnoortravel.co.uk — Umrah Packages Best Deals London Services are available with low cost rates; Advance booking is right option for the Muslims brother and sisters living in London, United Kingdom. Perform Umrah and do Holy obligation this year with awesome discounts by purchasing it in advance.

London concierge service

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Chengdu to Tibet

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Hyderabad Tour Travels

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Australian Outback Tours

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http://anttouring.com.au — Explore your much awaited trip to Australia with the best and adventurous Australian outback tours which is a boundless area where one can enjoy with their family members. The region of the outback is amazing with living native societies, dreamtime legends, cool rock pools, shady canyons, red sand hills, extraordinary widely varied vegetation and emotional rock developments.

Best Mobile Apps for Business

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Cheap Flights to Langkawi

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